Make the most of your
doctor’s appointment

Be prepared for questions a doctor might ask

  • When did your eyesight go blurry?
  • Which eye was affected first?
  • Did you experience any pain when your eyesight issues began?
  • Are you able to distinguish colours?
  • Do you experience any pain when you move your eyeballs?
  • Do you have familiarity with multiple sclerosis (MS)?
  • Do you smoke or drink alcohol often?
  • Are you having difficulty reading?
  • Are you able to drive?
  • Can you recognise faces?
  • Has anyone in your family experienced sudden vision loss?
  • Do you know of any ancestors with vision impairment or LHON?

Be prepared with questions you might want to ask a doctor

  • What is LHON?
  • Will my condition get worse?
  • Can I ever regain my vision?
  • Can I take any medication to make my condition better?
  • Does the medication have any side effects I should be aware of?
  • Who can I speak to for support?
  • Will I need assisted living for life?
  • Is there any additional information my family should be aware of?
  • What should I know if I am taking medication? Should I discontinue medication if my eyesight worsens, or if I experience nadir?
Print these questions

Keeping track of your symptoms can come in handy while discussing your condition with a doctor

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Patient & Caregiver: In case you need to report an adverse drug reaction, please refer to your physician, asking him to fill in and submit the relevant case report to the concerned Health Authority, according to the Pharmacovigilance requirements in force in your Country. Nevertheless, please be kindly reminded that each patient can report any such cases directly to the national reporting system.

Healthcare Professional: In case you want to report an adverse drug reaction you become aware of, please report it to your Health Authority according to the requirements set by the pharmacovigilance legislation.